Custom Menus
Printing Edmonton

Searching for a printer Edmonton that does custom Menus? Print Shop Edmonton understands menu design is an important part of any restaurant’s branding.

Check out our custom menus! Our Custom Menus will not only make your customers mouth water, but they are fully customisable, with a variety of templates to choose from.

“Choose from single-page, long, or tri-fold style options, in three different paper stock options. Plus, we offer clear PVC holders to keep your menus looking sharp, polished and inviting.”

Print Shop Edmonton has quantity options from 50 to 20,000. Our Custom Menus are easy to print, so you can get the perfect number of printed menus for your business. And if you need help with designing, we can provide top-notch designers that can help design menus that’ll be sure to entice hungry customers with every page.

Give your customers the classic and inviting dining experience they crave with Print Shop Edmonton’s custom menus today!