Custom Car Magnets
Printing Edmonton

Looking for a way to easily and quickly promote your business on the go? What about putting your brand on your own car?

Print Shop Edmonton offers Custom Car Magnets are a great way to do just that! Our Custom Car Magnets are durable and weather-resistant which make them perfect for promoting your business in any condition.

“Our Custom Car Magnets have 5 size options to choose from! You can find the perfect fit for your vehicle. And because they’re made with 0.85 mm thick magnet material, they have a strong hold – so your message will be seen by everyone who passes by.”

So try Print Shop Edmonton’s Custom Car Magnets! They’re easy to add or remove, so you can change your look whenever you want. If you’re searching for a printer in Edmonton that offers Custom Car Magnet printing, look no further. Order your Custom Car Magnets from Print Shop Edmonton today!