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Print Shop Edmonton

Print Shop Edmonton is a dynamic printing company that aims to introduce an innovative, multispectral, and new-aged approach to the printing business in Edmonton. We offer a wide range of quality and market optimized printing services to our clients. All of these are dedicated towards satisfying the vision and the printing needs of our customers. Being a local company, we care not only about the community in Edmonton but we know it from the inside out. This helps us design products which the customers not only see but engage in as well. We don’t believe in making ambitious claims and then coming up short; we are in it, to make you win it.

The Graphic Design Services we offer aren’t the ones you often encounter in Edmonton. We maintain that each and every client is special – unique – so the services provided to you are also tailor-made to fit your Printing needs.

Day and night; sweat and intellect, we put in our all to ensure that any and all printed material that is designed by Print Shop Edmonton can withstand and rise above the competitive business scene that exists in Edmonton. You put in tremendous efforts to run your business and we put in prodigious effort to make sure that your effort is realized.

Our services aren’t just good; our aim isn’t to be average. We look forward to providing you with the best experience and printing service anywhere in Edmonton.

Our Services

Our Printing Services include Business Card Printing, Flyer Printing, and Brochure Printing. We are working tirelessly to increase the range of services we offer everyday so that Edmonton can get the real feel of how an international standard Printing Company operates.

What is our objective?

Our objective is to provide you with premium printing services in Edmonton. We strive to ensure your satisfaction, help you realize your business goals through our experience and dynamic services, create new standards in the field of design and printing with all of our printed products.

We are a customer oriented printing service. Your belief and trust in our services will help us realize our ambitious objectives.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to help you and your prints standout from the crowd. Providing our clients with prime support around the clock, optimal customer support, and affordable services is what we aim to achieve through innovation, superior craftsmanship, and exemplary designing processes.

Why Should You Choose Print Shop Edmonton?

We’re sure you want the best services in town. Wouldn’t you want to work with a team of professionals who have a no bullshit policy and are interested in providing you with nothing but the best designs? No one wants to put in money and time in something that isn’t solely geared towards providing them with top-tier outcomes.

If you’re one who wants the finest for their business, then Print Shop Edmonton is the way to go.

We don’t cater to our clients for monetary engagements only, we strive to establish a long-term relationship with every one of our customers. And we believe that the way to do that is to provide them with the best printing services in town.

Trust, reliability, and cordial service – we put our clients and all their printing needs before anything else. Together, you and us, we can create magic and set new standards in the printing world. Let’s get to it!

Our Designing Services

Pre-made templates? Repeating the same designs often? Grouping customers together? Boring designs? Repetitive content? No innovation? Umm, sorry. If you are looking for all this, Print Shop Edmonton isn’t for you. With a diverse team that includes graphic designers hailing from high-octane, passionate design backgrounds we believe that all and every printed product should be a reflection of something bigger – your business and your cause.

We offer Graphic Design Services along with all our Printing Services to make your prints unique to you and only you. We are visionaries who work according to the needs and requirements of our clients and give life to their demands and ideas.

Offering customizability to the dot in all our printing options, we are a printing service like no other; providing printing services like no other, and creating magic on prints like no other.

Business Cards Printing Edmonton

Making A Mark

Your Business Card is responsible for helping you make a good first impression on your client and as we know, first impressions are often the last in the business world. A good Business Card can help you make significant progress with your clients and should be as unique as you. Lucky for you, Print Shop Edmonton’s entire brand is rooted in creating prepossessing products which the market has never seen before.

Generically, Business Cards are used as a reminder of your name and basic information about your business. But wait! Print Shop Edmonton offers you services that are anything but ordinary and generic. We want your personality to shine through your Business Cards the very feel of your card and the first look should get your client interested in your business. With our Printing Services, you get all that and more.

Unique, refined in taste, specifically designed for the markets, exceptional craftsmanship, impeccable design, supreme quality, and flawless to the core – our Business Cards are for all types of businesses in Edmonton. Large or small; well-established or just starting out; our services will meet all your business needs and will provide you a solid platform to reach the top – just as your business deserves!

We offer 13 distinctive types of business cards. The sheer variety of our incomparable Business Cards are what makes them a perfect match for a vast audience. These include:

Soft Touch, Ultra Thick, Foil Accents, Matte, Gloss, Embossed Gloss, Pearl, Linen, Natural textured, Kraft, Uncoated, premium plus, and recycled matte Business Cards.

We have something for everyone; Rustic? Recycled paper? Thick Business Cards? Shimmer? Metal Accents? Old School design? A futuristic touch? Yes! We deliver all that and more. To fulfill your wishes is a part of our objective; it’s our command and privilege.

All of our Business Cards are distinct; in styling, texture, shape, detailing, and features. Don’t believe us? Check these timeless, new-age, classic, and alluring cards yourself!

FAQS For Business Cards

How do I select the perfect Business Card for my Business?

Every business can be grouped in a broad specific category. For instance, if you own a law firm; you’ll need your card to look refined, hold weight, and have timeless elegance. On the other hand, if you own a cozy downtown bakery, you’ll want your business card to look upbeat, have colors that pop out, and have an inviting feel. It depends, really. Choosing the type of business card is totally up to you.

However, if you’re confused and are looking for professional advice, you can always contact our exclusive graphic design experts and give them a rough idea of your business, your personality, and dealings. From here, they can give you an insight as to what your ideal Business Card should look like.

How do I know what Paper Option to choose?

Well, we do offer 13 different types of Business Cards; most of them have a distinct paper type, with varying thickness. Plus, we have papers with entirely different textures to help your Business Cards stand out. After selecting the type of card you want, go to its description and you’ll find the necessary information. For general measure, our most common paper options are:


Optimal for large orders; bulk printing, this paper option involves a 14pt paper stock which can be customized in four finishes.


This paper option is excellent for everyday use with its 16pt paper stock and 6 potential paper finishes.

Premium Plus

Offered in 18pt, our premium plus stock is durable and covers vast areas of usability.


The Business Cards manufactured in this paper option are thicker than average and are washable; hence, are reusable as well.

What does “pt” mean?

Pt stands for Points. Points are a measure of the thickness of your Business Card. The higher the point, the thicker the Business Card. For instance; our Ultra Thick Business Card are the thickest we offer – 32pt – and our standard matte Business Cards are 14pt.

How far does Foil Accenting and Embossing go?

We offer our special finishes only on the front of your card. This is done to maintain the practical element of the Business Card. The back of your Business Card will have a writable finish that is smooth to touch. Doing this also helps your Business Card to fit in a regular card holder.

What’s the deal with Special finishes on Business Cards?

We offer 2 special finishes – Embossed Gloss and Foil Accenting. Here is what you need to know about them:

  • With our special effects, you have 2 paper options – premium and standard.
  • We offer foil accents and Embossed Gloss on one side of the card only but offer unique options for the back of your card. Call us for details!
  • You can have your own design on your Foil Accent Business Cards and Embossed Gloss Business Cards. Plus, our team consults you in every step of the designing and structuring process.
  • We don’t offer our foil accents on rounded corners or square Business Cards.
  • You can get your Embossed Gloss Business Cards with rounded corners but not in square shape.

What are some Card Shapes you offer?

Our Standard Business Cards measure 3.5″ x 2″ in inches.

We offer our Business Cards in 2 other shapes as well:

Rounded – 3.5″ x 2″

Square – 2.5” x 2.5”

You can choose between the two depending on the type of Business Card you choose to proceed with.


Print Shop Edmonton; Making Your Flyers Look Fly

Honestly, all of us come across a number of flyers flying around every day and most days, they don’t look fly enough to garner our attention. Print Shop Edmonton is here to change that. You see, others might overlook it but Printing Flyers that demand attention and engage the consumers can help you incite customer’s interest in your products/services, ultimately leading to more profits.

Flyers are a form of advertisement that is done on paper and is intended for large scale distribution purposes. This distribution is brought about in a variety of ways; handing out Flyers, Mailing Flyers, and distributing them as Promotional Handouts with other products are the most common ways of Flyer Advertisement. Flyers have been around for decades and some dub it an old-school advertising technique.

These people are in fact – wrong! Not only are flyers one of the most affordable form of marketing, the authorities on designated market areas called them “an effective marketing tool across both addressed mail and door drop distribution methods”.

Flyers, more importantly well-made flyers, are a key to any Business’ success. Here, at Print Shop Edmonton we don’t believe in the ordinary; our Flyer Printing Services are anything but that. We provide you with a vast range of options to choose a flyer that represents your business the best.

Boring? Mediocre? Good-ish? Average? We don’t know them. Using different finishes, various paper options, two orientations, and a number of size options, we design Flyers that can’t be missed.

If you like a particular design, send it in and we’ll make it come to life. At Print Shop Edmonton, we hold that your business is unique and deserves a Flyer that is exclusive to you and only you. That is why, we recommend that you get in touch with our Graphic Design team to create a Flyer that Edmonton has never seen before. Innovation, customer satisfaction, and effortless brilliance is what we aspire to achieve.

What are you waiting for? Call us today and let’s get your business where it deserves to be – at the top.

Size Options

We offer our flyers in the following Size Options:

2.5″ x 4″

3.75″ x 8.25″

4″ x 6″

4.2″ x 5.5″

5″ x 7″

5.5″ x 8.5″

6″ x 6″

8″ x 8″

8.5″ x 11″

11″ x 17″

How to Choose the Size of your Flyer?

We give you a range of options. You can go as concise as you want or as big as you want. Keep in mind that a larger flyer will be able to fit in more content and a smaller will keep it to the point. If you are confused, you can always talk to our design team for insight.

Paper Stock

Glossy, Matte, uncoated, and Recycled; we offer you an extensive range of paper stock options. For Flyers, we recommend that you decide the Paper Stock on the basis of the design that you choose.

What paper option is the best for your design?

  • Glossy paper stock will enhance the colors and make them look vibrant, therefore these are perfect for bright, pop out colors.
  • The matte option; like the Gloss, comes with a silk coated front. This is a dream to write on and almost every color looks amazing in this stock.
  • Uncoated; unlike Matte paper which has a silk coated front and back, Uncoated paper isn’t too smooth. However, it still is excellent to write on and is used for simple designs.
  • Recycled; go with an eco-friendly paper stock option that has a unique natural texture and works best with quiet colors.

What are some paper weight options for Flyers?

We offer budget, standard, and premium paper weight options for your Flyers.

These vary depending on the paper stock.

  • For Matte and Glossy, the Premium Paper weight option is 9.5pt
  • For Matte, standard paper weight is 5pt – For Glossy, it is 4.5pt
  • For Uncoated paper option, we offer budget (5pt) and premium (14pt) paper weight options
  • For our Recycled paper, we offer our standard paper weight option – 6pt


Say It In Style

Do you want to introduce your products, services, or business to the masses in a classic, affordable, effective manner? If yes, brochures will do the job perfectly. Brochure printing and distribution when done right can prove to be a perfect marketing tool for reaching a wide customer base. Brochures will not only increase the visibility of your product but will do it in a way that establishes your business as an authority and personalizes it to your clients.

At Print Shop Edmonton, we love brochures for their ability to build a solid trust relationship between the businesses and their customers. Plus, the sheer volume of information a well-designed and compact brochure can withhold is astounding.

Why wouldn’t you want to invest in an advertisement tool that has proven, time and time again, to get the job done and has drawn in customers organically. Brochures are amazing, they really are a versatile printing genius. However, not all of them hit the mark. At print Shop Edmonton; we work tirelessly to ensure that it doesn’t happen. Our Graphic Designers use their innovation and unmatched skills to create your brochure with techniques and professionalism that is second to none.


Brochures are folded not due to necessity but according to a strategy. The strategy being – to get the consumer to interact with the brochure by unfolding it while reading. Now, in order to realize this strategy, it is imperative that the reader/customer is interested in your product to want to turn the folds.

At Print Shop Edmonton, we realize the basic principles which go into making a brochure interesting and know how to make one that can capture your customer’s attention. Therefore, we offer three types of folds:

  • Bi-Fold
  • Tri-Fold
  • Z-Fold

You can choose anyone of these for your brochure. Your Brochure is designed after you select the fold that you want.

Brochure Size

We offer brochures in these sizes:

8.5″ x 11″

9″ x 8″

8.5″ x 14″

9″ x 16″

11″ x 17″

All these are the sizes of unfolded brochures.

Paper Stock for the Brochures

We offer brochures in the following paper stocks:

  • Glossy; are reflective and hence are great for bright colors.
  • Matte; easy to write on, an all-round champ.
  • Uncoated; no coating, simple understated class.
  • Recycled; naturally textured and good for writing.

Get in touch with our team for more information on paper weights and options that go along each stock.

What are you waiting for? Get your Custom Brochure made today!

General FAQ

What Is The Difference Between Brochures And Flyers?

Brochures are intended for informational purposes in addition to getting the word out. Flyers, on the other hand, only serve to get the word going. They are compact and are designed to incite the consumer’s interest. Brochures are a concise yet elaborate method to reach a targeted audience through multiple distribution channels.

Mostly, flyers don’t have long terms goals. They are designed to create awareness. Brochures can be used as a reference material for later use down in your business and can help you get a more professional outreach.

We recommend incorporating both of them in your business as they are some of the most cost-effective, versatile, and statistically effective advertisement tools.

Embossed Gloss Business Cards

A “boss” business card

When a specific type of business card has the word “boss” in it already, you know it’s going to be utterly unique and definitely worthy of your attention. Our Embossed Gloss Business Cards are hard to miss with a shine comparable to the rarest of gems and a class executed only by those who love the very smell of success.

Edmonton is a competitive market and doing business here is no ordinary feat. You have to be on top of your game, because if you’re not, you’ll lose to someone who is. This is where Embossed Gloss Business Cards Printing comes in. Not only will these cards set you apart from the competition but will show your clients that you mean business and pay attention to intricate details.

Embossed Gloss Business Cards – The Details

Embossing is a printing practice in which a part of the surface is raised above the rest in order to give it a 3-D effect. At Print Shop Edmonton, we take your regular embossed business cards and add a chic, high-scale element to it – the gloss. The embossed surface of your business card will be glossed and will add a subtle metallic sheen to your card; thereby adding to its already enchanting appeal.

Embossed Gloss Business Cards – The Technique

At times referred to as Spot UV Business Cards, the embossing on these cards is done through the use of a translucent polymer that is raised.

Embossed Gloss Business Cards – Customization

We’re constantly working to elevate your experience and offer customizable features in most of our business cards. Likewise, you can customize the:

  • Text or logo you want raised on your card
  • The colors
  • The font used on your

Embossed Business Cards.

Embossed Gloss Business Cards – Things To Consider

  • We don’t offer these cards in a square shape; but, you can call us to get an idea about other, better options we provide
  • You can’t get the back of your card embossed as of yet
  • Our templates aren’t customizable; however, you can upload your own template that is designed according to your liking and we can make your vision into a reality.

Kraft Business Cards Printing In Edmonton

Business Cards? More Like Business (C)AR(D)T

Rustic, artistic, and totally fantastic; our Kraft Business Cards are all about the look and an eccentric feel. These Business Cards are in a league separate from most commonly used in Edmonton with their 2 size options and light brown, exquisitely textured paper. If you love personalized and minimalistic touches to go alongside with your Business Cards, then these are you.

Kraft Business Cards – Exactly How Crafty Are These?

Just about the right amount. You see, Business Cards usually serve as a memory aide for you clients; the card’s look and feel is an extension of your personality and that of your business as well. Our Kraft Business Cards serve this purpose adequately and leave a lasting impression on your client with their uniqueness.

With an uncoated finish and natural fiber-like texture, the paper on which these cards are printed is a reflective of rustic craftsmanship. Plus, these cards are perfect for short, personalized messages or drawings as they work excellently with pens of all kinds. It doesn’t get more artistic than freedom of expressing yourself; our Kraft Business Cards let you do just that.

Kraft Business Cards – The Message

Made with 90% post-consumer recycled paper, these Business Cards a “beauty with the right message”. The message being – sustainability. Kraft Business Cards add an element of sensitivity in your business dealings that is rare to find and hence, make it easier for you to stand out.

Kraft Business Cards – What You Should Know

At Print Shop Edmonton, we are proud to add these marketable and artsy cards to our wide range of exclusively designed Business Cards. Our team of dynamic graphic designers craft you Kraft Business Cards in a manner unique to you. Give us a call to learn more about our services!

For your Kraft Business Card, remember to:

  • Avoid using designs that incorporate light colors
  • You can’t use the color white (in ink or otherwise) on these Business Cards
  • Select a shape – rounded or standard – which goes perfectly with the design of your card
  • Choose between coated and uncoated finish wisely
  • Simple, black (dark) designs work best with these Business Cards

Give us a call to learn more about these artistic geniuses of Business Cards today!

Gloss Business Cards Printing in Edmonton

Can’t Beat The Original

Innovation is good; innovation is productivity; innovation is progress – true, true, and true. But wait! Nothing, and we mean nothing can beat the original – the OG – our Gloss Business Cards. These Business Cards run the scene and they do it with an effortless couth. For others in Edmonton, these might be just sparkle and high-sheen surfaced cards but at Print Shop Edmonton, Gloss Business Cards are made with the finest touches of refinement and understated elegance.

With a glass-like, polished, sheeny front and an ever smooth silky back, these Business Cards demand attention in the classiest of ways. If you are one who loves brilliantly gleaming colors and a sharp resolution design on your Business Cards, then our Gloss Business Cards are for you.

Gloss Business Cards – The Range

Shape; standard or squared? Type of paper; premium glossy or standard glossy? Corners; standard or rounded? Other details; foil accents? It is all up to you to decide. The shear range of possibilities offered with the Gloss Business Cards is astounding. This vast area of customization helps you settle on a Business Card that is a direct reflection of your personality.

The success of your business is dependent on you and your struggles, why should your Business Card not represent your individuality? Gloss Business Cards; with their flare and uniqueness are a perfect way to make your mark in the business community of Edmonton.

Gloss Business Cards – What To Know

You can work with our team of graphic designers to design your Gloss Business Cards. Yes, we offer premium quality services to our clients and bring their Business Cards’ visions to life.

While designing these cards, it is important to keep in mind that:

  • These cards have a high resolution; vibrant, funky colors work best on them
  • You won’t get optimal readability under direct sun-light
  • These cards give the best write-on results with a permanent marker; however, regular pens work too
  • The back of the card doesn’t have a glossy finish; it is smooth and silky

Gloss Business Cards reflect light in the subtlest of ways. This features makes them hard to miss when they’re placed under lights of any sort. Associatively, with these Business Cards, you and your business will be hard to miss.

Give us a call right away and get your hands on these gleaming beauties!

Foil Accent Business Cards Printing Edmonton

A business card that is timelessly you;
hard to miss and easy to get drawn to

With our Foil Accent Business Cards, you can be one in one million in Edmonton who indulges in business dealings with class, superior might, finesse, and a distinct flair of élan.

Business Card Printing is an art in itself. It is one of the purest form of marketing. Your Foil Accent Business Cards won’t only leave a positive, lasting impression on your clients but will also portray your distinct and unique personality to them.

Foil Accent Business Cards Printing in Edmonton isn’t as common as you would think. Yes, it isn’t something new, but it is something that will enable you to promote your business with an aesthetic edge that is seldom paid attention to.

Foil Accent Business Cards – What Are They?

Foil accents provide a shimmering and a subtle yet blinding effect to your regular Business Cards through the use of metallic materials on your Business Cards. To put it simply, instead of regular ink, we use the finest metallic accents to bring an element of “Va Va Voom” in your ordinary Business Cards.

Foil Accent Business Cards – What About Practicality?

The thing which attracts the customers to our business cards is their jaw-dropping visual appeal coupled with practicality. We want your Business Cards to look the part and play the part too. This is the reason our team designs these cards to have a matte back, so your pen glides on the surface.

Foil Accent Business Cards – It’s Your Call!

Business Cards Printing in Edmonton requires the most innovative and dynamic approaches so that you and your business can stand out with your card. Our aim is to make the cards solely yours and satisfy your vision. For that, we offer you full control of designing your card:

  • You can choose to use the metallic accent on any part of your card; from the company name to your email address, it’s your call.
  • You can decide the colors of your card according to your preferences.
  • The text and the font; you are the boss here too.
  • Standard or premium paper options? – Whatever, you like!
  • Will the paper be glossy or matte? – Your call. We offer both.

Foil Accent Business Cards – Print Shop Edmonton Is Here For You!

We give our clients the maximum room to customize their cards according to their taste. But, rest assured, we help you out in every step of the process. Here are some pro tips to consider when choosing your card:

  • Foil accents work best on bold texts.
  • Select a colour scheme that contrasts and compliments each other.
  • Intricate designs look beautiful ordinary Business Cards, but on Foil Accent Business Cards, avoid them.
  • Glossy paper will bring out the accent even more.
  • We don’t offer our foil accents on rounded corners or square Business Cards. Visit us for numerous other, better options.

As the Best Business Cards Printing Service in Edmonton, we pride ourselves in knowing a whole lot about the business and have our top-rated, best performing templates available at any time if you want to avail that option.

Linen Business Cards Printing in Edmonton

The Chicest Business Card You’ve Ever Come Across

Linen? Like the Cloth? Yes! It’s Linen from the upscale part of Edmonton; memorable, distinct, and boujee. Your Linen Business Cards have the textured surface of some of the finest linen in Edmonton; making them one of a kind. These cards aren’t for everybody because not everyone can take in their un-cut, and unmistakable personality. And before you ask, yes, these cards do have a personality of their own.

Being as distinct as they are these cards will add to your personality and compliment your business. So, if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd in the chicest of ways, our Linen Business Cards are for you.

Linen Business Cards – The Details

Linen Business Cards Printing in Edmonton isn’t as popular with the business folk yet. You can easily sway your clients towards you with their soft, woven texture. Our Linen Business Cards are made up of some of the finest Italian paper in the market; one touch will make you go Che figata! And rightfully so; because these cards are indeed, very cool.

The texture on the surface of these Business Cards is sublime; artistic, yet homey. It’s out of the box but will remain in your memory as a pleasant reminder of beautifully blended textures.

Linen Business Cards – Practical?

Yes, indeed. These cards are printed on a 13pt paper which makes them an easy fit in any Business Card holder. Plus, the texture of these cards is easy to write on.

Linen Business Cards – What You Need To Know

At Print Shop Edmonton, we offer a variety of textures on our Business Cards; making each one of them special. Our Linen Business Cards are no different. They add innovative excellence to our inventory and we love them for their polished and professional look.

Linen Business Cards work well with

  • Light colors
  • Simple designs
  • And average sized fonts

At Print Shop Edmonton, we want you to feel as special as each of our cards. This is why our team of graphic design professionals design your business cards according to your needs. We make your vision in your reality with our dynamic team of design specialists.

Give us a call and tell us what you need from your card; we promise to deliver. Always.

Matte Business Cards Printing In Edmonton

Refining Your Business With A Classic Touch

Polished, refined, and accented with the best in terms of quality and craft; our Matte Business Cards are a classic that you don’t want to miss. In Edmonton, we have often seen outrageous Business Cards, some hit the mark, others miss it by a long shot. However, what most don’t take into consideration is that at times, going with the classics is the best option. Our Matte Business Cards are a perfect example of this.

These Business Cards don’t go overboard with their textures; in fact, matte finish is offered on a bunch of our other Business Cards as well. Yet, when you strip the card off everything but the matte finish, you realize that these cards are a rare beauty in their own right.

Matte Business Cards – In Their Own Right

These Business Cards are offered in premium, standard, and premium plus options in terms of weight. Plus, you are free to decide the corners and the shape of the card. The customizability on this goes beyond traditional limits. With a clean cut finish that doesn’t need shine or added sparkle to draw attention, Matte Business Cards are very easy to write on as well.

These Business Cards are a full package – affordable, classically unique, practical, and are readable under all and every sort of light.

Matte Business Cards – Keep In Mind

These Business Cards are refined; in operation and in their looks, therefore, they don’t need loud details to enhance them. However, you have complete creative control on these cards – do whatever feels right!

For your Matte Business Cards:

  • Don’t choose intricate designs because it will take away from the simplistic elegance and glamour of the matte finish
  • Most colors pop on these Business Cards, so go all out with a bright color scheme
  • You can opt for embossing and foil-accenting to go with your Matte Business Cards as well

At Print Shop Edmonton, you can work closely with our team of graphic designers to take your Matte Business Cards to the next level. We look forward to creating something entirely exclusive and personalized to only you and your business.

Give us a call for more information.

Pearl Business Cards Printing in Edmonton

A mystified Business Card

Your Business Card is a reflection of what you and your business are about. If have a personality that shines from within, demands attention, is classy in the finest manner, and tends to draw people in, then our sparkling, and out-of-this world glittering Pearl Business Card are for you. These Business Cards are old school with their smooth surface that is mystified by a sheen of diamond like sparkling finish. At the same time, Pearl Business Cards are distinctively futuristic with their minimal approach to the “glitter aesthetic”; making them a top choice for leading businesses in Edmonton.

Pearl Business Cards – Minimalism At Its Finest?

The Business Cards Printing in Edmonton has reached a new high; with a booming economy, it was bound to happen! However, today, your Business has become a part of a race that is getting more competitive every day and in an effort to do a lot, people end up doing the most. This is where our Pearl Business Cards come in.

You’d think that having a shimmering element to your business card might be going the extra mile, but, that is exactly what you need. The shine is so elegantly infused within the very paper of your card that it looks almost majestic – like a pearl. You show that you mean business but in the most sophisticated of ways.

Pearl Business Cards – The Workings

The pearl effect is limited to the paper of your Business Card only. The other elements of the card do not carry it. This is done to maintain the pearl effects’ own appeal by not “overdoing” it.

Also, this effect is on both sides which means; more bling!

Pearl Business Cards – Environmentally Sound

At Print Shop Edmonton, we care about the environment; and that is why our Pearl Business Cards are made with FSC certified paper that is eco-friendly. Our Pearl Business Cards won’t only help you play your part in saving the Earth and its ecosystems but will also provide you with a good marketing opportunity. Through this, your customers will learn about your sensitivity towards matters larger than life and you will come off as someone who is self-aware. It’s a win-win.

Pearl Business Cards – How To Get The Most Out Of The Deal?

  • Practicality – Pearl Finish on Paper isn’t ideal for writing so let us know beforehand if you want a part/side of your card to not have this effect.
  • Light colors – this effect works best in white but other pastel shades are just as good. You need to let the Pearl finish talk for itself. Call us for a variety of color options!
  • Keep the font big and the design light.

You can upload your own layout or choose one from our plethora options.

Premium Plus Business Cards Printing in Edmonton

Business Cards that are a Class Above

Premium Plus Business Cards are fancy but not in the traditional way. While other Business Cards dress to the nines to go attend a party; Premium Plus Business Cards throw the parties. With the printing of these Business Cards, the entire Business Card Printing game in Edmonton has been raised a class above.

Sturdy, weighted but just right, matted or glossed, sleek, and beautiful; these Premium Plus Business Cards are just what you need to get others paying attention to your business.

Premium Plus Business Cards – You Decide

Premium Plus Business Cards give you a lot of freedom. You can choose whether you want a matte or a gloss finish; in addition to deciding the layout for your card. Plus, there is no restriction on where you want these textures – it can be the front or the back, perhaps both? – you decide.

These Business Cards also let you decide the design which goes on them in addition to giving you a range of options to decide the shape of your card from. Not only do these cards let others know that you mean business, they also allow you to decide how you portray this message.

Practicality – You Decide How Far It Goes

You won’t be able to write well on a gloss finish; if you so choose to avail it in your card. But, if you do want your card to have an option to be written on, you can always choose to get a more write-able finish on one side.

Premium Plus Business Cards – What You Need To Know

  • These cards aren’t as thick as your credit card like our Ultra Thick Business Cards but are a close second in the “thickness” department.
  • The paper used to print these on is strong – 18pt.
  • These cards fit easily in your standard card holder
  • They work well for all colors and the most intricate of designs.

At Print Shop Edmonton, we love these cards for their timeless elegance and strong vibe. Give us a call to learn more about one of the Best Business Cards in the game.

Recycled Matte Business Cards Printing in Edmonton

Practical and Eco-friendly – A Mix Like No Other

So you mean that there are business cards that are full of life, vibrant, eco-friendly, AND easy to write on? Yes! Count us in. Our Recycled Matte Business Cards are epic; in texture, design, practicality, and distinctiveness. If you want to make a mark in the Business World with a keen, finely polished matte card that is hard to miss, Recycled Matte Business Cards are for you.

These Business cards – printed on a 14pt paper – have a smooth surface and can be designed with standard or square corners. Recycled Matte Business Cards; as evident by the name have a matte finish which means that they have no glare and can carry any design with an imprint of your individuality.

Recycled Matte Business Cards – The Works

At Print Shop Edmonton, we design each and every one of our Business Cards with the utmost attention to detail and customer satisfaction is our priority. Our Recycled Matte Business Cards are one of our proudest creations with their biodegradability and seemingly no limitations in their modeling. These Business Cards are:

  • Durable to the dot with their premium quality post-consumer recycled paper
  • Practical; with a matte finish that is an absolute dream to write on
  • Broad in their applications; dress the card up or tone it down, it looks perfect with an extensive range of designs

Recycled Matte Business Cards – Designing The Card

We don’t believe in pre-made templates because as it is, they strip your card bare of personality that is unique to only you. We work with a team of zestful and spirited graphic designers who map out your card with your recommendations and according to your need. Give us a call to learn more!

Recycled Matte Business Cards can bring all your visions to life. However, they are perfect for:

  • Simple yet bold designs that showcase the text and add to it
  • High-contrast designs
  • Soft colors that exude an understated elegance

These Business Cards are for those who want to make an impression on their clients in a robust, sustainable, flavorful, and innovative manner. So? What are you waiting for? Call us to place an order today! 

Natural Textured Business Cards Printing in Edmonton

A Business Card that is Naturally Sublime

Sure, you must have come across all kinds of Business Cards; some Ultra Thick, others, quite majestic like the Pearl Business Cards, but until now you have never come across a Business Card printed on an entirely different category of paper as our Natural Textured Business Cards. These cards are a different breed. They are bred from the nature; literally.

Made from 100% recycled material, these cards are for those who want people to know about their business and remember their name. Natural Textured Business Cards – as the name indicates; are printed on textured paper which has a natural feel. This feel is added to these Business Cards through the paper’s finely coarse, thread-like woven texture.

These Business Cards aren’t just unique; they are unique with a message. A message that can get people talking about your business. What is this message? Sheer brilliance with a touch of raw elegance. These cards are all that and more.

Natural Textured Business Cards – What’s So Special About Them?

  • They’re made from post-consumer waste material; they are environmentally sound.
  • These are light but still carry weight – through their distinctive texture and unique look.
  • These Business Cards are available in a variety of card shapes. Give us a call to select the best one for your selected design!
  • The texture gives an artsy feeling to your card and are perfect to get the message across with the contrasts it provides.
  • Natural Textured Business Cards are easy to write on and fit in your standard card holders with ease.

Natural Textured Business Cards – The More You Know

At Print Shop Edmonton, we come across customers who want their business to stand out in the competitive environment of Edmonton’s economical systems. Well, you won’t find a better opportunity to do that than our Natural Textured Business Cards. They are printed on a different kind of paper altogether. What more can you ask for?

  • These cards are all about the font. Let it talk with dark colors.
  • Select a light colored base to let your text shine.
  • Keep the design simple and let the texture draw your customers in.

If you have a design of your own, send it in and we will realize your artistic vision on your Business Card. At Print Shop Edmonton, however, we strive to make your Business Card Printing experience the best in town. That is why, our team of seasoned graphic designers is always here to help you come up with some of the best Business Cards the locals have ever seen.

We customize your card according to your needs and add our professional experience in the mix.

Ready to get your business to the next level? If yes, give us a call!

Soft Touch Business Cards Printing in Edmonton

A Business Card that is soft to touch and packs a loud message

You must have heard of Business Cards’ looks defining you and your business but have you ever felt a Business Card do that? Because that is exactly what our Ultra Soft Touch Business Cards are made for – to make you stand out from the crowd by engaging more than one sense. These aren’t only a pleasant sight to look at with their vibrant colors but are silky soft, almost velvet-like to touch as well.

Soft Touch Business Cards – Stand Out

Edmonton, with its diverse people will have to go through numerous Business Cards in a day. Some might be thick, others thin; a few worthy of a second look, several just peaking on the average scale, but it won’t be every day that you come across a Business Card in Edmonton which is different to touch.

Now, this is exactly why you need Soft Touch Business Cards – to stand out from the crowd in a peculiar, yet an intelligible manner. 

Soft Touch Business Cards – How It Works

To simply put it – these cards are soft to touch, from the front and the back. At Print Shop Edmonton, we create these flamboyant cards with durable paper which makes it last for a good minute.

These Business Cards are like your regular business cards but better – to touch, feel, experience, and own. No, they aren’t glossed, nor do they have a pearly, glittery sheen on them. Their satiny texture is what does the talking.

Soft Touch Business Cards – What To Know

  • The paper used in the Printing of Soft Touch Business Cards allows the colors incorporated in it to look more alive with a higher contrast and beautiful saturation
  • These Business Cards work best with splashy and bright colors
  • Average font size is recommended for these cards
  • Your regular pen won’t work well on these cards; however, a permanent marker will write over them easily

Soft Touch Business Cards – Customizable?

Yes! Go crazy with the colors, or let the soft touch talk for itself. These cards allow you to express yourself and your business freely, without restrictions.

If you don’t want to go down the customization route, that works too. We have tons of templates you can choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us to place an order today!

Ultra Thick Business Cards Printing In Edmonton

A Business Card that demands space

Power. Ultra Thick Business Cards represent sheer, uncut power; both – to your clients and as an attribute of your personality. These cards mean business with added weight and thickness which is incomparable to any other regular Business Card in Edmonton. Finesse, polished etiquette, sophistication, and refinement – Ultra Thick Business Cards are for those who live their business with a boldness that is rare to find. 

These cards are for everyone who wishes to carve out their own path with a determination second to none. Litigation experts, high-end business men, politicians, business owners, taxi drivers, bakery shop owners, and all those who conduct their business with a bold attitude; these cards are for you.

Ultra Thick Business Cards – Epitome Of Class

No shimmer, no gloss; no aluminum, no emboss, these cards don’t need extra details because they speak for themselves. In Edmonton, you and your business will be running in the big leagues with these Business cards and their creaseless, seamless, and tear-resistant cuts.

Ultra Thick Business Cards – Practicality

Businesses that require Business Card Printing in Edmonton demand that we make these sturdy, imperishable Ultra Thick Business Cards with standard corners and a surface which is easy to write on.

Ultra Thick Business Cards demand space. These Business Cards are thick – 32pt – approximately equal in thickness to your credit card and a too many of them won’t fit into a standard business card holder at a time.

Ultra Thick Business Cards – How To Go About Them?

At Print Shop Edmonton, we offer you numerous templates to choose from. In addition to this, we also accept your personal, customized layouts to go on your card.

These Business Cards are supreme and we want them to maintain their intrinsic high-standards for you. Therefore, when customizing these cards:

  • Choose a bold font
  • Minimal designs are the way to go
  • Use loud, contrasting colors to go with your card

Call us for more information on your Ultra Thick Business Cards. And remember; stay bold, stay true.

Uncoated Business Cards Printing in Edmonton

Business Card that sets the standards

Simplicity is key; with our Uncoated Business Cards, that key will open the door to your success. These Business Cards aren’t fancy; they don’t need the extra flare to garner attention and entice interest. Our Uncoated Business Cards are a staple in the industry with their smooth texture and “no flashing” policy.

As Standard Business Cards, our Uncoated Business Cards are extremely comfortable to work with and will be economically friendly on your pocket. Don’t confuse yourself – these are basic Business Cards; at least, they normally are marketed as such. At Print Shop Edmonton we don’t believe in the norms of “normal”. And that is why, even our Standard Business Cards are something entirely different with their refined quality, aesthetically pleasing saturation, and sheer practicality.

Uncoated Business Cards – Are They For You?

Of course, they are. These are for anyone and everyone who dabbles in the realm of “conducting business”.

If you want a Business Card that is

  • Easy to write on
  • Gets the message across to your clients perfectly
  • Is easy on the pocket
  • Made from durable paper with a thickness of 14pt
  • Can handle all types of designs with effortless class

Then our Uncoated Business Cards are the perfect option for you.

Uncoated Business Cards – Designing A Perfect Card

You don’t have to put in much effort to get perfection; our team of graphic designers, hailing from dynamic backgrounds will do it for you. All you need to do is give us an idea of the type of card you need with necessary information and leave the rest to us.

However, if you want to customize your own Uncoated Business Card, remember:

  • Choose any design you want unless it overshadows the text
  • Keep the text concise
  • Use a bold font
  • Choose bright, complementary colors to get the maximum out of the card’s practicality
  • These cards don’t have gloss or matte finishes so make your card talk through the designs

For more information, give us a call!